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What We Do

Latymer Partners provides targeted intelligence and insight to senior management at leading multinational corporations, law firms and financial institutions. We support our clients by providing an alternative, independent and objective view, based on analysis of primary research and intelligence gathered in response to client instructions. Our reporting provides greater transparency with regard to political and reputational risk factors, and fresh insight in support of clients' strategic decision-making.

The Latymer Partners team boasts extensive legal, regulatory, diplomatic, commercial and intelligence experience. We apply our expertise to the insights gathered from our research and from our network of expert contacts and associates around the globe - individuals with first-hand knowledge of the subjects and issues that are of direct interest to our clients.

The Latymer Partners network comprises senior individuals from the commercial, financial, legal, political, government and regulatory worlds. Our intelligence assessment process is designed to ensure the accuracy and objectivity of our output, and to ensure that our reporting is of direct commercial relevance and value to clients.

We provide:

Political Intelligence and Risk Analysis
Deal Intelligence and Advisory
Litigation Support, Asset Recovery and Strategy for Settlement
Counter-party Due Diligence
Integrity, Anti-fraud, Anti-corruption and AML Investigations
Environmental, Social and Governance Assessment
Stakeholder Mapping
Special Situations
Mitigation Strategies

Why Choose us?

Latymer Partners is an independent firm, owned exclusively by its partners. Our team combines deep expertise of the intelligence and legal worlds with a wealth of experience in corporate finance, international business development, diplomacy, politics and government relations. Our intelligence enables our clients to distinguish risk from noise.

Our rigorous assessment process combines the judgment and professional experience of our partners with the expert inputs and data from our network. The intelligence and advice we offer is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Latymer Partners takes the utmost care to protect clients’ confidentiality and the security of their data. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in our work, and to abide by the laws of all countries in which we operate. We do not accept mandates that could result in conflicts of interest.

Who We Are

Latymer Partners was founded in 2010 by seasoned figures from the worlds of intelligence, diplomacy, politics, government relations, finance and law. Clients include some of the world's largest multinational corporations, UN agencies and international bodies, financial institutions, private equity, law firms and family offices.

The Latymer team draws upon a wealth of experience and a network of highly-placed advisers and interlocutors in order to provide our clients with authoritative and actionable intelligence on the issues that affect them. Our highly trained team is multi-lingual, energetic and versatile, delivering intelligence and analysis of the highest calibre.